Why Your Credit Report Doesn't Show as Paid for the Most Recent Month

Your monthly payment history may look a little different depending on which credit report you’re looking at and which credit bureau (Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion) the report was pulled from. Some third-party credit reporting apps may even have their own way to show your payment history. 

Your payment history is a detailed, month-by-month view of each of your credit accounts, showing if each monthly payment was on time, late or missed, if an account was closed (for example, if you paid it off), sent to collections, etc. 

It shows at least the last 24 months of past payment behavior. Some reports will show dots, others may show a grid with checkmarks. It usually takes at least a month before a new payment shows up on your credit report, though it may take longer. 

Note: your credit report (and other credit monitoring) is a snapshot of your credit past, not a real-time view into what your credit looks like at any given moment. 

Learn more about how to read your credit report here.

How it works at Self: 

We report once a month to the three major credit bureaus. This report, which is sent to the credit bureaus the first week of each month, is a snapshot of your Self account(s) from the end of the month before. 

So if you made a Self payment last month, and that dot or checkmark hasn’t shown up on your credit report just yet, don’t worry! It may take a while (a month or more) after we report to the credit bureaus for them to add the information to your credit report. 

Only after that info is added to your credit report can it be factored into your credit score and displayed on third-party credit monitoring sites. 

Learn more about how credit reporting works at Self in this FAQ. 

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