When do I receive the money from my Credit Builder Account?

Unlike other traditional personal loans, you do not receive the money from your Self Credit Builder Account upfront. You do not receive funds until after your loan matures and/or all loan payments have been completed

Please note - once an account has been completed, funds will typically arrive within 10-14 business days via either check or ACH, depending on the payout method you selected. The payout will be less unpaid fees and interest.

Instead, your 12-month or 24-month loan is immediately placed into an FDIC-insured Certificate of Deposit (CD) account. This CD is held in your name at one of our partner banks. 

Why? The Credit Builder Account is designed to help you help yourself save money and establish credit history in a safe, responsible way. For example, if you opened a Credit Builder Account that started today with a 12-month term, your CD would mature 12 months from today. 

If you need access to money immediately, consider contacting a traditional lender, since Self might not be the right product for you. 

If you are considering paying your account off early to receive the funds sooner, please be aware that payment history is the most important factor in determining your credit score. By paying off the account early, you may not be able to establish as much payment history with the credit bureaus.

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