My payment was returned due to a "non-payment account" or "non-transactional account" error. What does this mean?

For details on why your payment was returned, please follow up with your bank directly. 

If you paid from a savings account, and your payment was returned due to a “non-payment account” or “non-transactional account” error, the most likely explanation is that you’ve made the maximum amount of allowed transactions from that account within a certain time period. 

Some banking institutions place a limit of six (6) withdrawals or outgoing transfers per month from all savings accounts and money market accounts. Once the limit is reached, the account becomes a “non-transactional account” and attempted transactions from that account will be returned. 

If you need to make more than 6 transactions from your savings account each month, consider putting some of that money into a checking account instead, which often have fewer limitations on the number of transactions per month. 

Note: There is a $15 fee for returned or failed payments. For more information about the fees charged on your account, please review your original Credit Builder Account documents. 

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