Credit Reporting and the Self Visa® Credit Card

When you have the Self Visa® Credit Card, the card status is reported to the three U.S. credit bureaus in the first week of the month and includes the previous month's information. This is the same timeline as the Credit Builder Account credit reporting. For example, the submission in May would include April's information. 

The credit card data is reported in addition to the Credit Builder Account if your Credit Builder Account is still active. The credit card account is reported as a revolving credit line, while the Credit Builder Account is reported as an installment credit line.

Once Self submits the information about the credit card, it can take weeks for the credit bureaus to process the information and for the updates to appear in your credit report. Each bureau has its own process and timeline so you may see the information reflected differently depending on where you are getting your credit report information.

Important information that is included in the submission:

  • Account status
  • Last payment date
  • How long the account has been open
  • Credit limit
  • Actual payment
  • Current balance
  • Payment history
  • Past due information, if applicable

If you have questions about your Self credit card account, please contact our customer success team.

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