How do I cancel my Credit Builder Account?

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To close your Self Visa® Credit Card, please skip to the section “How to close your Self Visa® Credit Card.”

How to close your Credit Builder Account 

You can close your Credit Builder Account one of two ways: 

  1. Log into your account HERE and follow the prompts. 
  2. Call to use our automated phone system.  

To use the automated phone system:

Call 877-883-0999 and choose option 1. You will then be prompted to verify your account information. Once the system locates your account, choose option 4 to close your account. Simply follow the prompts to hear information regarding reporting and payout information. 

Your account will close at 11 PM CST on the same day. A payout tracker will appear in your dashboard within 24 hours so you can check your payment status and know when to expect your money. See how the payout tracker works here.  

How to close your Self Visa® Credit Card:

We take your decision to close your Self card seriously. So once your card is closed, we are not able to reverse the closure. Please note you will also be unable to open a new card in the future.  That’s why you need to confirm twice before we close your account. 

Please complete both these steps to close your Self card: 

1. Reply to this email with "YES, CANCEL" and a short reason for the cancellation.

2. Login here and send a message from the "Contacts" page that says, "Please CANCEL my account."

Note: If you have Platinum Protection enabled you will need to login and disable this separately. 

If you need to reach us for a reason other than canceling your account, please reply and clarify. 

- Your Self Team 

Disclaimer: Any payments submitted, including administration fees, prior to canceling your account will not be canceled by closing your account and will still process.

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