Why is my credit score different among credit bureaus?

There are 2 main reasons why your credit score could be different between credit bureaus: 

  1. Each credit bureau is an independent company with its own proprietary score models.

  2. Each credit bureau independently gathers its own data. 

Given that each credit bureau has its own policies and procedures, as well as data, each bureau has slightly different ways to underwrite you as a customer. Another thing to keep in mind is that not all financial institutions report to all three credit bureaus. As such, some loans and credit cards may not appear on one or more credit bureau reports. 

While Self allows users to see their VantageScore credit score at no extra cost, your Credit Builder Account is reported to all three major credit bureaus. Please note - the majority of lenders use your FICO credit score. 

To understand what factors into your credit score, please read our blog post on the 5 factors that compute your credit score.

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