Common Sign-Up Errors

In an effort to streamline your account creation process we have listed some common sign up issues and how to quickly resolve them without waiting on hold or needing to reach out to our Customer Success team. Time is precious, please take a moment to read over our self-help steps below!

 Most commonly, users receive a sign-in error when trying to start a new Credit Builder Account after completing their first. We love it when our customers return for the next round of their credit building journey with us! To make the process as smooth as possible we save all of your personal information in addition to your previous account details. You will need to login through the original profile with the email address and password you first created in order to proceed. If you need to reset your password, CLICK HERE

If you previously poked around our website and entered your name, phone number, and email to “see what we are all about” you are most likely experiencing the same issue! Please follow the steps above to get back on track! 

Other challenges people may run into: 

  • Credit Freezes – To start a new Credit Builder Account, you must remove all freezes/blocks from your credit reports. Self Financial cares about your security as much as you do! After our soft pull to verify your information, you may place the freeze(s) back on your credit report(s). Please note that Self will NEVER do a hard credit pull that may affect your credit! A soft credit pull ensures that the personal information entered in our system, DOB/SSN/Name, matches information housed at the credit bureaus to ensure accurate reporting for your account.
  • Your account may be pending additional verification – Again with security! Our compliance team works hard reviewing customers’ accounts to ensure top security for each individual.

Not sure if this is your problem? You can search for the email subject “Additional info is needed to verify your identity” in your Inbox AND Spam folder.

  • If we have requested documents to verify your account, please submit them at your earliest convenience. Documents can be submitted via a secure portal link included in the email “Additional info is needed to verify your identity” to avoid possible account closure.

We hope this page was able to resolve your issue! If you are unable to self-resolve, please return to the email and send us a reply. Our team will reply within 4-5 business days.

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